Tonya Clay Fine Art                       

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This project is ongoing and represents Tonya Clay Fine Art fashion design, set and character development. They are created with respect to composition, light, color scheme, texture, space and the visual and personal perspective of the viewer.  All of these elements serve to convey the appropriate context for characters whose inner personality is revealed through evolving generations of development. Each character is an aspect of the multi-dimensional human personality.

My characters change over time ultimately revealing each character’s personality, in the context of their respective narratives. Set designs are built or found as related to the characters and their visual stories.

This project means to reject the implied restrictions of socially imposed “appropriate” dress code and popular personality. It's
 purpose is to inspire the freedom of lifestyle and self-expression of every viewer by example.

I work with different photographers like Brian Miller Photography, to document each project. The photos are taken with consideration of the scene and set dynamics, lighting and space in order to effect the surrealistic quality of the resulting entirely of in-camera editing. The images in this project series document what was actually seen, with the control of light and exposure in camera at the time the photographs are taken. Subject and set are not retouched. 

Costume, Set and Character Design